• Músicas que gosto. Sem porquês. Just PLAY…

Mick Jagger, Visions of Paradise

The Pogues, Pair of Brown Eyes

Cornershop, Sleep on the left side

Frou Frou

Yann Tiersen-Monochrome

Yann Tiersen-Le Quartier

Gillemots-Made Up Love Song #43

Juno OST (Jinpenchui )-Anyone else but you

I’m Sticking With You – The Velvet Underground (juno ost)
Antsy Pants – Vampire (juno ost)
Imogen Heap-Hide and Seek


Nitin Sawhney-Koyal

Le Mans-Canción de todo va mal


The Divine Comedy-Diva Lady

Mates of State-Like U Crazy

Death Cab for Cutie-Summer Skin

Imogen Heap-Headlock

Death Cab for Cutie-Your heart is an empty room

  • Postal Service
  • Dave Matthews and Big Voice Jack-One Sweet World
  • Tori Amos-Cornflake Girl
  • The Shins-So Says I
  • Iron and Wine-Naked as we came
  • Rosie Thomas-Pretty Dress
  • Anthony and the Johnsons-Hope there’s someone
  • Surjan Stevens-Casimir Pulasky Day
  • Patty Griffin-Rain

  • David Fonseca- Superstars
  • Blind Zero-Shine On
  • The Sounds-Queen of Apology
  • Sidonie-Fascinado
  • Duncan Dhu- En algun lugar
  • Sabina-Pongamos que hablo de Madrid
  • La Oreja de Van Gogh- Puedes contar conmigo
  • David Bowie-Space Oddity
  • Lemon Jelly-Nice Weather for ducks

Kinks, This Time Tomorrow

The Feeling, Strange

Anthony & The Johnsons, Bird Guhrl

The Cribs, I’m a realist


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