Eu sei que não…

…mas à sério, às xs, quem escreve isto, parece estar dentro da minha cabeça:

Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, so don’t be too rough on yourself — you can’t possibly stay on top of every little detail. So if you forgot someone’s milestone birthday, called an authority figure by the wrong name or did some other equally embarrassing thing, don’t worry about it. Apologize, move on, and then distract yourself from the blunder by focusing on daily details and errands. Keep yourself busy and you’ll forget about not being perfect.

A única saída possível? Dar ouvidos a Dan Gillespie & CIA e adoptar o lema:

That’s right
‘Cause if you feel it
And if you mean it
Don’t apologise
And you’ll be just fine
Cause all they ever need is what you give them
They only put you down if you give them permission